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Characteristics of geotextile composite materials

Sep 13, 2021

Characteristics of geotextile composite materials

Geotextile composite materials actually can be many types in the geosynthetics family. It includes geotextile composite geomembrane or drainage network or geogrid or drainage board or another type of geotextile.

As we know, the main function of geotextile is separation, filtration, drainage and protection. So when it is composited with other singe layer of geosynthetic, the functions of geotextile and relevant geosynthetics can be combined maximumly. In that case, the engineer designer can have more choices when the application requires many different functions.    

Usually geotextile composite geomembrane maybe is the most popular among these geotextile composites products in China. It can be classified with one geotextile composite one geomembrane, two geotextiles composite geomembrane (geomembrane in the middel). The geotextile is usually nonwoven PET geoetextile and geomembrane is usualy PE film with thickness from 0.2mm to 1.5mm. 

When the water or fine materials flows into the thick material soil layer, geotextile can be utilized its own good water permeability and gas permeability to carry the fluid particles, fine sand, small stone materials, etc.,. Meanwhile, other relevant composite geosynthetics can supply its own function. So the whole engineering structure can be very solid and steady.

geotextile composite material
Geotextile Composite Material

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