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Fish/Shrimp Ponds

With the living improvement of all the human beings in the world, The demand for seafood and freshwater fish is greatly and gradually Increasing year by year. The production from fishing industry is far from meeting this demand. So aquaculture farming, especially, high density aquaculture farming, is the only solution for it.

High density aquaculture farming needs higher requirements for the following aspects: water containment security, water quality control and disease control. And moreover, people in all parts of the world have more and more concern toward earth and groundwater protection. Both of the two challenges can be greatly approached via lining aquaculture farming pond bottom.

According to the practical experience of this industry in the world, HDPE liner has been proven to be the best and most widely used lining material of aquaculture farming ponds/pools.

YINGFAN hdpe geomembrane has been provided to a lot of enterprises and farmers at home and abroad. Millions of square meters of YINGFAN hdpe liners have been provided to be installed around the world.

BENEFITS of Using HDPE Geomembranes in Aquaculture Farming

  • Secure water containment (help keep pond water volume consistent and prevent the intrusion of groundwater borne pollutants from entering aquaculture ponds)
  • Enhanced water quality control ( no additives or chemicals of leaching out and impacting water quality or harming animal life, repeat clean available, resistance to microbiological attack and growth)
  • Minimized pumping costs
  • Dissolved oxygen level control
  • Smooth harvesting surface cleans easier than soil therefore increases the harvest cycle
  • Rapid installation, Low installation & maintenance Cost, Easy repair