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Animal Waste Ponds

As animal farms have increased in size over the years, animal waste containment has come under increasing regulation. As animal waste degrades, significant amounts of methane gas are released. Additionally, animal waste ponds can pose a threat to groundwater or other portions of environmentally sensitive areas.

As all knows, our country, China, is the largest consumer of pork. And there is no doubt that it is also the biggest country of farming pigs. Pig farms are currently the largest consumer of geosynthetics in the animal waste containment arena. Our country is pushing regulations that require ponds associated with cattle, chicken and other livestock farms to be lined to prevent contamination.

Our YINGFAN geosynthetic solutions can protect earth and groundwater from pollution by the animal waste, meanwhile it can make a closed structure to collect methane in order to reuse the methane as a kind of green energy.

YINGFAN HDPE biogas pond liner has the excellent elongation with the lowest permeability and good chemical resistance property, which becomes an ideal lining material for animal waste containment and biogas collection.

YINGFAN Biogas Pond Nonwoven Geotextile can be applied as protection layer of the biogas pond liner. It has good protection and separation properties.

YINGFAN Biogas Pond Geogrid can be used as reinforcement layer to replace aggregate in the biogas pond.

The quality of geosynthetics is not only important for animal Waste pond lining system, but also the strict and careful Installation quality is quite critical. Because a hole the size of a quarter can allow enough gas to become trapped beneath the geomembrane to generate whales large enough to protrude above the water level in a few days. Because even small holes can cause very costly problems. Our YINGFAN professional installation team is always dedicated to provide high quality installation service with strict operation rules, efficient management and advanced seaming equipment.