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Professional International Training Service

Sep 29, 2019

1 Scope of Training Service

We can provide installation/usage training service of geomaterial/installation machinery/accessories supplied by our company. Our aim of providing training service is mainly to give our clients better service and purchase experience. It is not our aim to get much profit in this way.

2 Ways of Training Service

We can provide face-to-face technician presentation or video explanation. We also provide installation manual or videos for some of our supplied products. Meanwhile, customers can request our technician to directly go to their place or onsite to provide training. Or they can send their own people to our company to have training.


3 Fees or not

Most of our training is free. But we need to get some compensation for some training which will produce some cost in some cases, for example, sending our technician to client’s place or onsite or clients send their people to our company to have training for several days, and so forth.

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