Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner GCL-NP

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Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner GCL-NP

It is bentonite geo-synthetic waterproofing barrier(bentonite geosynthetic clay liner). It is self-attaching and self -sealing to concrete or other construction structures. It is made of a non-woven geotextile, a natural sodic bentonite layer and a polypropylene sheet.

We, Shanghai Yingfan, is a geosynthetic clay liner (gcl) manufacturer in China. Our GCL price is competitive in abroad and domestic market with good quality.

Geosynthetic clay liner Introduction (GCL-NP) (bentonite geosynthetic clay liner)

It is bentonite geo-synthetic waterproofing barrier. It is self-attaching and self -sealing to concrete or other construction structures. It is made of a non-woven geotextile, a natural sodic bentonite layer and a polypropylene sheet.

The three layers are connected with a dense felt that makes the bentonite a self-confinement with controlled expansion. With this system it is possible to avoid slippage and the accumulation of bentonite as a consequence of cuts, tears, vertical applications and movements.

Its performance can meet or exceed GRI-GCL3 and our national standard JG/T193-2006.
The engineering function of a GCL is containment as a hydraulic barrier to water, leachate or other liquids and sometimes gases. As such, they are used as replacements for either compacted clay liners or geomembranes, or they are used in a composite manner to augment the more traditional liner materials. The ultimate in liner security is probably a three component composite geomembrane/geosynthetic clay liner/compacted clay liner which has seen use as a landfill liner on many occasions.

1. Roadway separation and stabilization
2. Landfill leachate collection
3. Steepened slopes
4. Retaining walls
5. Embankments over soft soil
6. Lagoon closures
7. Silt fence

The below is two landfill application examples for our geosynthetic clay liner products:

bentonite geosynthetic clay liner


Q1: Can you offer us a sample for this product?

A1: Yes, we can offer a free sample. Meanwhile, we can offer free courier freight for our new clients at the first time.

Q2: What is your MOQ?

A2: For available stock of geosynthetic clay liner, one roll is our MOQ. But for short stock of our ordinary products, our MOQ  is 1000m2 for ordinary specification.

Q3: How to transport the goods to our place?

A3: Usually by sea. Our product belongs heavy cargo so usually it is loaded in 20’container instead of in 40' container.  

Bentonite plays a critical role for geosynthetic clay liner product so its quality is quite vital. We, as a professional GCL supplier, select top quality of natural sodium bentonite as our raw material, and apply advanced and well-controlled needle punching technology, to produce this product. The important, and only reason of doing this is to provide excellent usage effect for our clients, also for our better living earth.

Test Item Test Methods Criteria
Bentonite swell index ASTM D 5890 ≥24ml/2g
Bentonite Fluid loss ASTM D 5891 ≤18ml
Bentonite Mass /unit area ASTM D 5993 ≥3.7kg/㎡
Geotextiles-cap fabric nonwoven, mass/unit area ASTM D5261 ≥200g/m2
Geotextiles-carrier fabric woven, mass/unit area, mass/unit area ASTM D5261 ≥100g/m2
GCL tensile strength ASTM D 6768 ≥4.0KN/m
Mass of GCL ASTM D5993 ≥4000g/m2
Peel strength ASTM D 6496 ≥360N/m
Index flux ASTM D 5887 ≤1×10-8m3/ sec-㎡
Permeability ASTM D 5887 ≤5×10-11cm/sec
 Geotextile and reinforcing yarns
(% strength retained)
ASTM D 5721
ASTM D6768

Mass and Dimentions:
1. Unit mass: 4000g/m2---6500g/m2
2. The width range is 3meter-6meters; Maximum width is 6meters; Other width can be custom made.
3. The length can be 20, 30, 40 meters or as request. Maximum length is depending on the rolling limit.

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