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Professional International Installation Service

Sep 30, 2019

1 Business License and Qualification Certificate

Qualification Category and Level: B-Level of Professional Contractor on Waterproof, Anticorrosion and Insulation Engineering; C-Level of Professional Contractor on Environmental Engineering


2 Geomaterials We Install
HDPE/LLDPE/PVC geomembranes;
Nonwoven/Woven Geotextiles (PP, PET material);
Bentonite GCL;
Drainage Geocomposite;
Composite Geomembrane;
PP/HDPE/PET Geogrid;
and so forth

3 Our Installation Team

  •  16-Years Experience and our Team Organization Structure
Our installation team was established in 2004 and until now, has more than 15-year experience. Our team now has more than 103 staff including one manager, 8engineers and 95 installers. Our engineers all get the qualification certificates on construction. All of our installers must get the qualification certificate to work onsite.
  •  Various Contracting Projects Available
Our team has successfully completed about 1000 contracting projects until now. Our contracting projects are involved in many industries including environmental sanitation, water conservancy, municipal engineering, artificial landscape, petrochemical, mining, construction, transportation, agriculture and aquaculture, salt industry and so forth.
  •  Development History of our Installation Team
Before Apr 2017, our installation team was managed by our sister company, Shanghai Yingfan Engineering Material Co., LTD. After that, we established our new company, Shanghai Yingfan Environmental Engineering Co., LTD, with professional contracting qualification certificate, which is showed above.  

4 Contracting Types
  •  Geomaterial Installation Independent contract:
Geomaterial installation Independent contract means that we can directly and independently finish the task of geomaterials installation contract without need of establishing subcontract. Usually the related project is not very big and all of the installations are in our available working range.
  •  Geomaterial Installation Subcontract:
Subcontract is relatively spoken toward turnkey contract. It means that our company has no direct contracting relationship and is just subcontracted with the turnkey contractor, by whom we are arranged to work on site and for whom we are responsible.
  •  Geomaterial Installation United Contract:
United contract is relatively spoken toward independent contract. Our company and one or more contractors are united into a group to contract a project. We and other contractors are respectively and together contracted with the owner and are responsible for the owner. We and other construction companies are independent organization and undertake our own obligations and enjoy benefits based on previous established agreements.
  •  Geomaterial Installation Direct Contract:

Direct contract is that for a project, different contractors sign agreements with the owner and they are respectively responsible for the owner. Our company and other contractors have no relationship of contractor and subcontractor. The management on site is finished by the owner or authorizing one subcontractor or hiring one professional PM.

5 Our Professional International Installation Service
Our international installation services are available in above types.

We provided many subcontracting services or united contracting services abroad according to cooperate with some famous or state-owned companies established in China, such as PetroChina, Sinopec, China Non-Ferrous Metal Corporation, who have a lot of big or medium overseas projects.

We also provide independent contract and direct contract services for some of our overseas clients. Meanwhile, we provide training service for some of these clients abroad. Via this way, some of our clients established their own installation team for their business development.

Based on these practices, we train some of our engineers and installers to be more experienced and professional in international installation services. And also we have expanded our brand impact in abroad and domestic.