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Exhibition in Cambodia Successfully Concluded

Dec 11, 2019

Our company started to explore overseas market since 2012 via the way of registering as a golden supplier in China's even the world's most famous online trade platform, alibaba. Since 2016, our company started to attend various overseas exhibitions to increase our company brand awareness and promot our geosynthetic lining products and installation services. We attended Indofish expo 2015 in Indonesia, Vietfish expo 2016 in Vietnam and Live stock expo 2017 in Philippines to focus on the promotion of our top product, HDPE liner or HDPE geomembrane applied in aquaculture farming industry. 

Since 2017, we attended many international construction and building industry exhibitions include Philconstruct expo and Wordbex expo in Manila Phillippines, Vietbuild expo in Hochiming Vietnam, Greenbuild expo in Bombay India, Mosbuild expo in Mosco Russia, Indobuild expo in Jakarta Indonesia, Myanbuild expo and this expo in Cambodia this year. We showed our geosynthetic lining products to a lot of construction and building engineering people. Our exhibited products include hdpe geomembrane liner, permeable geotextile fabric, bentonite barrier, geonets drain composites, geocomposite membrane, and so forth, plus our installation services.

Cambodia Constructors Association (CCA) organized & hosted Cambodia Constructors Association Summit and Cambodia-International Construction Industry Expo. The organizer prepared for all of local and International construction or building exhibitors. Especially the organizer invited a lot of customers, contractors, designers, construction material equipment supplies companies, developers, property developers, engineers, architectures, construction site managers and who has career and business related to construction works to participate and visit the event.

According to this show, we learned more about the geosynthetic lining products market in Cambodia. Many construction engineering companies expressed their great interest on our products. They will try to use or sale our earth work products in the near future. Generally speaking, this exhibiton was successfully concluded.