Geosynthetics Supplier YINGFAN Going All Out to Aid Winning the Anti-Epidemic Battle

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Geosynthetics Supplier YINGFAN Going All Out to Aid Winning the Anti-Epidemic Battle

Feb 12, 2020

Until Feb 11, death toll climbed to 1,113 with 44,653 confirmed cases caused by the virus COVID-19 which was named by WHO in the same day. To win this victory of anti-epidemic battle, a lot of efforts have been gathered by all parties in China and other places in the world including government, pubic organizations and charities, state-owned and private enterprises, social people and so forth.

YINGFAN Geosynthetics for anti-epidemic projects

In order to cope with this novel coronavirus epidemic, a batch of emergency engineering projects and infrastructures are urgently constructed and built. Thanks to the unalterable functions of leakage prevention, separation, waste containment possessed by geosynthetics, its application in those constructions can prevent medical liquid and solid waste and domestic waste polluting ground-water, surface water and surrounding environment, which meanwhile greatly reduce the risk of virus spreading.
Consequently, our geosynthetics, especially 1.0mm or thicker HDPE geomembranes and heavy duty nonwoven geotextiles are designed as the key separation and containment materials in the base structures of those infrastructures and emergency engineering projects including Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, Wuhan Leishenshan hospital, separation illness area in Nantong 6th People Hospital.

YINGFAN liners YINGFAN liners geotextiles YINGFAN liners geotextiles in medical waste landfill

HDPE geomembrane is a very low permeability synthetic membrane liner or barrier with permeability of ≤1.0×10-13 g•cm(cm2)•pa. It also has good properties of chemical resistance, aging resistance, plant root resistance, high strength, free toxic, easy installation with low cost. The heavy duty nonwoven geotextile with at least 600g unit weight can provide protection for the geomembrane as well as provide separate, drainage and reinforced performances for the whole basement structures.

YINGFAN attend emergency project of separation hospital YINGFAN attend emergency project of separation hospital 2 YINGFAN attend emergency project of separation hospital 3

Due to the impact from Spring Festival holiday and this epidemic outbreak, our YINGFAN company, a geosynthetics supplier, faces a lot of difficulties, such as short of workforce, tight supply of raw material, inconvenience of facility maintenance and transportation and so forth. But in order to go all out to support the winning of this anti-epidemic battle, our company, in the conditions of assuring the staff health and safety, from the highest management level to the basic production and operation levels, focus on this task and takes emergent actions to delivery material, organize production and logistic, without discussing conditions and regardless of all costs.

We smooth all of the difficulties and successfully complete the tasks of delivering geosynthetics materials and providing 24-turn-hours installation in some anti-epidemic engineering projects. Our present supported projects in this national battle without fire are listed in the following table:
No. Time Project Locations or Names Supplied Items
1 Jan 26, 2020 Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital HDPE geomembrane, geotextile
2 Jan 28, 2020 Environmental Emergency projects in Tongshan Hubei Province HDPE geomembrane
3 Feb 1, 2020 Shenzhen Longgang 3rd People Hospital HDPE geomembrane
4 Feb 5, 2020 Emergency landfill project in Luzhou city Sichuan Province HDPE geomembrane
5 Feb 6, 2020 Jiangsu Nantong 6th People Hospital HDPE geomembrane and installation

YINGFAN interviewed by TV 1 YINGFAN interviewed by TV 2 YINGFAN interviewed by TV 3

Owning to our company’s efforts for this anti-epidemic battle, the Shanghai official television media team, introduced by Zhujiajiao Industry Park officials and local government officials, came to our factory and office building to have an interview to our general director, Mr Heyong and our relevant staff today. They all showed high appreciation for our efforts in this battle and relevant protection for all of the company staff. The industry park and local government officials praised our company is an outstanding and responsible enterprise who can undertake social responsibilities without any hesitation.

In China, there are innumerous enterprises, organizations and citizens who like our company and attend this battle in their best efforts. We believe that in a short time, we will win this anti-epidemic battle, which will be taken as a good example for the world people.