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Honours of Civil Seepage Control Supplier Yingfan

Apr 24, 2020

Reported by Raying on Apr 24
Recently, we got two original prizes certificates and a thanks giving letter from Chinese Technical Assocition on Geosynthetics(GTAC) and Shanghai Chemical Building Material Trade Association (SCBMTA). The issuing dates are earlier than present time. The "Quality Guarantee Four Star Enterprise“ was issued in Jan 2020. The "Certificate of Honour" was issued on Mar 31, 2020 and "Thanks Giving Letter" was issued on Mar 18, 2020. 

Before, our company was prized as the "Quality Guarantee Three Star Enterprise" in building waterproof indsutry and this time has been updated to the "Quality Guarantee Four Star Enterprise". We are one of top 12 members in Shanghai ctiy, who got this honour certificate this year.

Quality Guarantee Four Star enterprise
As everyone knows, in the end of last Dec in China, the covid-19 virus outbroke and quickly spreaded from Wuhan city to many places around the whole country. Wuhan city, as the orginal virus outbreak city in China, was mostly inspected city in China. In order to control the virus spreading and assure and protect all Chinese people's health and lives, our central government quickly decided to build two temparary inspection treatment hospitals in Wuhan city, named Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital and Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital.

To strictly assure the civil seepage control performance in hospital foudation construction, there were urgent demands for anti-seepage materials including our geomembranes and geotextiles products. They(hdpe geomebranes and geotextiles) are the best and economical and envrionmental-friendly anti-seepage barrier and material to protect earth, undergroud water and surrounding enviroment from being polluted by medical waste and inspection virus and other diseases. Even though during the period of our country's biggest holiday, the Spring Festival New Year, facing the workers short and transportation limitation problems and impect, yet our company went all out to delivery requested materials and provided 24 hours installation service to these hospitals not only in Wuhan but also in other cities in China in time and quickly.
Thanks to our best efforts in this anti-epidemic battle, Chinese Technical Association on Geosynthetics gave our company this  Certificate of Honour and Thanks Giving Letter honours certificates.

certificate of honor of Yingfan
We are a trusted civil seepage control supplier and manufacturer in China. Our civil seepage control products portfolio is geomembranes, geotextiles, bentonite geocomposites, drainage geocomposites, geogrid, etc. And also we are a qualified installation supplier in this industry. No matter on products and installation quality or social responsibility, our company is always doing our best to service our clients and whole society.

Quality Guarantee Four Star Enterprise