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How to distinguish the quality of Geomembrane

Aug 29, 2020

          Geomembrane is a commonly used material in many construction projects. It has excellent corrosion resistance and environmental stress resistance, and has a long service life, a wide range of applications, and has strong tensile strength and extension lines. It is a lot of engineering "Good helper" on the Internet, so the quality of Geomembrane is very important. The quality of the building depends on the quality of Geomembrane, so when choosing Geomembrane, we must pay attention to the quality of Geomembrane. Then how to distinguish the quality of Geomembrane?

          1. To distinguish the quality of Geomembrane, the quality problem can be solved first from the manufacturer. It is especially important to choose a good manufacturer with quality assurance.

          2. If you want to distinguish from the product, you can use a simple and rude method, just pick up the Geomembrane and smell it with your nose. If you smell a heavy plastic smell and other smells, then the quality of this product is not very good; because a good product has no taste, or has a slight and non-pungent taste, this This product is relatively a good product, but this method is not suitable for some people with colds, rhinitis patients and other people with insensitive noses.
           3. In addition to smelling with your nose, you can actually tell the quality of the film by looking. When looking at it, we mainly look at the surface of Geomembrane. Generally, the surface of Geomembrane with better normal quality is smooth. There are any impurities, and it is the kind of fineness visible to the naked eye, and it will have a comfortable texture to the touch. The inferior Geomembrane looks uneven on the surface, there will be some small particles visible to the naked eye, and the feel is rough to the touch, this kind of Geomembrane is relatively inferior. Inferior Geomembrane not only affects the quality of the project, but also affects its service life.

           4. It can also be distinguished by folding the Geomembrane in half. Just find a small piece of Geomembrane and fold the Geomembrane in half, and see the crease after folding in half. If the crease does not change, it is the same color as other Geomembrane, then Geomembrane The quality of the crease is good; but if the color of the Geomembrane changes after folding in half, the color of the crease becomes white, and a clear white fold appears, or the color of the crease becomes lighter, then this situation is considered to be Inferior Geomembrane. This kind of convenience is more commonly used, not only useful but also very convenient.