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Introduction to the production process of geomembrane

Jul 12, 2021

Geomembrane includes two fabrics and one membrane, one fabric and one membrane, multiple fabrics and multiple membranes, etc. It is a non-woven geomembrane composed of non-woven geotextile as the base material, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc. as the membrane material. . It has the characteristics of isolation, reinforcement, drainage, slope protection, anti-seepage and good flexibility.

Geomembrane is produced by two processes:

1. Thermal composite film blowing process.

2. Laminating process.

We compare the thermal composite blown film production process with the traditional film coating process:

1. Compared with the laminating process, the geomembrane produced by the thermal composite blown film process is stable in quality, uniform in thickness, and has a high anti-seepage effect. The geomembrane and geotextile can be used at any time during the production process. Quality is effectively monitored. The geomembrane produced by the coating process is subject to process requirements and has a low permeability coefficient.

2. The geomembrane produced by thermal composite has uniform strength in vertical and horizontal directions. During the production of the coating process, due to process problems, the vertical and horizontal force adjustment is uneven, which will cause the horizontal force to be low.

3. The thermal compound is produced by extrusion of raw materials, and the film production is uniform. The uniformity of the film produced by the laminating film is poor, and the film thickness is uneven when it is compounded.

4. The edge film will become thinner when the edge is thrown by the laminating process, which is thinner than the basic film, and it will be cracked when it is torn. Thermal composite edge throwing process, through cooling processes such as water cooling, the edge throwing thinning will not occur, and the strong requirement will not change.