The project list of geomembrane sheet applied in tailing waste mining

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The project list of geomembrane sheet applied in tailing waste mining

Aug 12, 2021

Mining development produces a large amount of ore but at the mean time, produces many waste tailings. The waste tailings stacked in the tail mines usually contain a large number of metals, especially heavy metals. So environmental pollution will be produced if these waste tailings are not processed and contained properly. And the pollution consequences are usually very serious.

As a result, every country or district will not allow this pollution. In order to solve this pollution, complete waterproofing or anti-seepage structures must be created well. For most of this structure, HDPE geomembrane sheet will be chosen as a the most critical waterproofing material among the whole design of this impermeable structure. 

Our Yingfan company is specialized in producing such HDPE geomembrane sheet and supplying its construction for more than 16 years. And our product and installation service are both bought by our domestic and international customers including many giant state-owned and public enterprises.

The following is our project list of geomembrane sheet applied in the tailing waste mining engineering.
 No. Project Name Country Date Products/Spec Product Quantity()
1 Gold tailing waste pond lining project
(Material Supply)
Neimenggu, China Jul 2009-Jun 2010 HDPE Geomembrane  0.5mm thickness 180,000 
2 Heap leach pond lining in Copper and cobalt ore
(Installation service)
Congo-Kinshasa Jul 2014 HDPE Geomembrane  2.0mm thickness 285,000 
3 Tailing waste pond lining in Phosphate factory (Material Supply) Kunming city, China Jan 2015-now 0.5/1.5mm HDPE geomembrane;
400g geotextile
4 Copper tailing waste dam lining project of Qulong Xizang
(Material Supply)
Xizang, China 2015-Sep 2020 HDPE Geomembrane 1.5mm thickness 795,000 
5 Lining project for aluminium ore tailing waste dam in Jiaozuo city
(Material Supply)
Henan China 2017-now 1.5mm HDPE geomembrane; 350gsm PET filament geotextile 175,000 
6 Copper mine tailing waste dam lining project
(Material supply) 
Zambia 2017-2019 1.0/2.0mm HDPE geomembrane 520,000 
7 Copper mine tailing waste dam lining project in Kitwe city
(Material supply and installation service) 
Zambia May 2017--Nov 2018 composite geomembrane 300g/0.5mm/300g 151,000 
8 Standby tailing waste pond lining and barren mountain control Phase I for the 1.5 million tons/year of methanol project
(Material supply and installation service) 
Baoji city, China Jun 2018-now 1.5mm HDPE geomembrane;
4800gsm GCL;
600g Goetextile
9 Gold oxidized ore dressing project
(Material supply and installation service) 
 Tajikistan May 2019-now 2.0mm HDPE geomembrane; 600g geotextile; 5000g GCL 300,000 
10 Iodine treatment lagoon lining project in iodine mine (Material supply) Chile Jun 2019-now 0.75mm and 1.0mm HDPE geomembrane smooth 431,631 
11 New established 5th tailing waste dam lining project (Material supply) Qinghai, China Feb 2020-Now 1.5mm HDPE geomembrane smooth & textured; 4500g GCL 792,200 
12 Smelting tailing waste & heavy metal pollution prevention project (Material supply and installation service) Gejiu, Yunnan Jul 2020-now 1.0mm HDPE sides textured geomembrane; 4800GCL; 200g monofilament geotextile; 200g/400g filament geotextile 292,200 
13 Gold tailing waste pond lining project (Material Supply and installation service) A La Shan, Neimenggu Jun 2020-now 2.0mm HDPE geomembrane smooth 100,000 
14 Copper &  cobalt ore hydrometallurgy project in Luishia mine in Lubumbashi (Material supply) Katanga, Congo Sep 2020 1.0mm HDPE geomembrane smooth 200,000 
        revised date: Sep 24 2020

Geomembrane sheet applied in the tailing waste mining