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The Application Field Of HDPE Geomembrane Textured

Nov 21, 2019

The textured geomembrane has the characteristics of textured surface. The characteristics of this type of geomembrane have improved the frictional resistance, and the reliability of the slope protection of geosynthetics has been enhanced, so that the energy capacity of the anti-seepage geomembrane can exceed the profit maximization, and is more suitable for slopes and verticals. 

hdpe textured geomembrane
In addition, the waterproof layer of the hdpe geomembrane textured is far better than expected in practical applications, and its water permeability is lower than 10-17cm/s, which has excellent tensile strength and anti-stripping force. The seam is made by double-track hot welding welder. The seam has high compressive strength, strong resistance to chemicals with the features of easy operation and maintainence.

Application area:
1. HDPE geomembrane textured can be used for environmental protection and environmental sanitation. Garbage disposal and disposal sites, sewage treatment stations, hospital outpatient solid waste;
2. The application of HDPE geomembrane textured in water conservancy engineering can be applied to the waterproof layer of riverbank, structural reinforcement, waterproof layer of ditch, and slope protection;
3. Can be applied to municipal road works, such as: waterproof layer of new building wall, lining of drainage pipe;
4. In the application of garden landscape, hdpe geomembrane textured can be applied to artificial lakes, landscaping grassland moisture-proof and waterproof;
5. In the petrochemical industry, hdpe geomembrane textured can be used in the storage tank waterproof layer of petrochemical plants, gas stations, exothermic reaction tanks, linings of grit chambers, etc.;
6. The waterproofing layer for the bottom of the mineral processing pond, heap leaching tank, heap ash yard, melting pool and grit chamber;
7. Used for traffic safety facilities, basic structural reinforcement of roads, waterproofing of subway stations and diversion tunnels;
8. In the aspect of agriculture and animal husbandry, textured geomembrane can be used for drainage channel, water conservancy hub, waterproof layer of sprinkler irrigation system;
9. In the aquaculture industry, textured geomembrane can be used as a large-scale breeding pond, a lining of fish ponds and shrimp ponds, and protection of sea otter slopes;
10. In addition, textured geomembrane can also be used in salt industry. The presence of a hdpe geomembrane textured can be seen in the salt field crystal pool, the halogen pool cover, the salt film, and the salt pool plastic film.

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