The main functions and applications of Geomembrane

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The main functions and applications of Geomembrane

Nov 25, 2020

        Geomembrane is made of plastic film as an impermeable base material, which is compounded with a non-woven fabric. The impermeability of Geomembrane mainly depends on the impermeability of the plastic film. Plastic films used for anti-seepage at home and abroad mainly include polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, and ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer. It is a kind of polymer chemical flexible material with small proportion, strong ductility, strong deformation adaptability, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and good frost resistance. Secondly, the main functions and applications of mulch film are introduced.

         The main function

         One. It integrates anti-seepage and drainage functions, with isolation and reinforcement functions.

   2. High composite strength, high peel strength and high puncture resistance.

  three. Strong drainage capacity, high friction coefficient and low linear expansion coefficient.

  4. Good aging resistance, wide temperature range and stable quality.

  main application

   warp knitted composite reinforced waterproof geotextile has excellent water resistance, durability and protection. It can be widely used in railways, highways, stadiums, embankments, water conservancy projects, tunnels, seashores, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects.

   In addition, the Geomembrane has the characteristics of high tensile strength, low elongation, uniform vertical and horizontal deformation, high tear strength, good wear resistance, and strong water resistance. It is an international high-level applied geological combination.