YINGFAN 2020 10th Anniversary Ceremony (Geosynthetic Lining Products Supplier)

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YINGFAN 2020 10th Anniversary Ceremony (Geosynthetic Lining Products Supplier)

Jan 20, 2020

YINGFAN 10th Anniversary Ceremony & 2020 Annual Ceremony

To celebrate company's 10th anniversary, the lunar new year Spring Festival and give many thanks to our staff, our company had a ceremony on Jan 18, 2020. All of our company’s staff, their families, some of our company’s clients, suppliers, cooperated partners gathered to attend this ceremony and had a feast in a famous local restaurant named Zhujiage Restaurant. On that day, our General Director, Mr. He Yong, gave a speech on our company’s overall business in 2019. He said: our annual turnover in 2019 reached RMB 350 million, among of which there was 170 million of installation service turnover; Compared with 2018, our 2019 turnover increased 24%; Our production capacity of geomembrane geosynthetic lining products has ranked TOP 1 for 5 years in our domestic waterproofing industry. He also announced his business plan to take our company public within 10 years.
YINGFAN General director made speech in 2020 annual ceremony
YINGFAN installation manager made a speech
YINGFAN production manager made a speech

After Mr He's speech, our Installation Service Manager, Mr Cheng gave a brief report on our geosynthetic lining products installation business in 2019 and prized all of our installation staff hard working in this year's projects, especially some of tough projects such as "standby coal cinder yard lining and barren mountain control project Phase I for the 1.5 million tons/year of methanol project''. He was also proud of our technical innovations from our installation technicians, which helped our customers' engineering project difficulties well smoothed.

Then our Production Manager, Mr He Shicong, gave a brief report on our production. He said that our production lines had some improvement in 2019 and fully met our clients' production capacity and lead time demands. And he said our company already purchased a new advanced imported geomembrane production line from Germany and this new production line would be put in use this Jun. 


10 years working experience staff prize-giving
YINGFAN annual excellent performance staff prize-giving
YINGFAN top 3 sales prizing giving

After his speech, our company’s 10 years' working experience staff, annual excellent performance staff and annual Top 3 salesman were awarded with certificates and cash by Mr. He and the two company managers above. There were 7 staff getting the award of 10 years' working experience staff, who got RMB 20000 or 50000 or 100000 based on their job positions and one golden bracelet (equal to RMB3000 value) for each one. There were 13 excellent performance staff who got a certificate and 1000 RMB for each one. The Top 3 sals got a certificate and RMB 2000 for each one.

yingfan 2020 annual ceremony YINGFAN annual ceremony geosynthetic lining products supplier YINGFAN annual ceremony 2020 geosynthetic supplier
YINGFAN annual ceremony geomembrane supplier YINGFAN annual ceremony liner installation service supplier 

To make the ceremony more funny and rejoiceful, our company boughted a commercial show service to performe dragon drum, singing, dance, Sichuan opera face, eletric violin. This shows brought a lot of happiness and dramatic experience for everybody in our ceremony.

Among the shows break, there were also other activities such as games and lottery (100% probility of winning for each staff and each one attended this ceremony; the prize is cash bewteen RMB100 and RMB2000). 

Finally, this ceremony was successfully closed. And next or 4 days later, all of company staff will have Spring Festival holiday. After long holiday gathering with our families and relaxion, we will back to work with great vitality. Hope our company 2020 business will keep stable increase trend and get more and more progress. Meanwhile wish all of us, our staff, clients, partners, freinds have a brilliant new year in 2020.