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3D Composite Drainage Network

3D composite drainage network (Wikipedia, Geocomposite) is available in both single-sided and double-sided products with geonet core thickness from 3mm to 10mm, and geotextile fabric ranging from 100gsm to 300gsm. This drainage network has excellent liquid transmittivity ability. It can be widely used in a lot of drainage applications such as landfill, retaining walls, dams, foundation and so forth.

Our Shanghai Yingfan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is a 3D composite drainage network and other earth work construction material supplier in China. We don’t only provide 2D composite drainage network but also can provide 3D composite drainage network.

3D Composite Drainage Network   3D Composite Drainage Network   3D Composite Drainage Network

Drainage Geocomposite Introduction
Drainage Geocomposite is available in both single-sided and double-sided products with geonet core thickness from 3mm to 10mm, and fabric ranging from 100gsm to 300gsm. The non-woven geotextile is bonded to the geonet with a hot knife application, allowing for high bond strength without the reduction of transmissivity values of other processes.

This 3D composite drainage network core products consist of centralized middle HDPE ribs that provide channelized flow, and diagonally placed top and bottom strands that minimize geotextile intrusion. The void maintaining core structure provides higher transmissivity than bi-planar products. Nonwoven geotextile is designed to provide drainage filtration to keep silt and soil particles from clogging the flow or to increase the friction characteristics.

The geonet core has two structures. Here, this structure is tri-axial structure as showed the picture below:
 3D Composite Drainage Network
Tri-axial Structure

Uses of 3D Composite Drainage
As showed in the picture below:
3D Composite Drainage Network 

Features and Benefits
Good liquid transmittivity ability
• Alkali and acid resistance
• Low cost, easy transportation, quick installation

1. Soft soil foundation drainage
2. Back drain in retaining walls and dams
3. Landfill drains
4. Road drains, tunnel drainage, underground structure drainage;
5. Gardens and sports grounds drainage.

Application example:
Our tri-planar geonet heat-bonded with nonwoven geotextile is applied in the protection of a retaining wall:
3D Composite Drainage Network

3D Composite Drainage Network
3D Composite Drainage Network
3D Composite Drainage Network


Q1: Is it possible to get a sample from your side? 

A1: Yes, of course. We can send you free available sample for your reference. 

Q2: What is your minimum quantity of order?

A2: 1000m2 is for available stock of 3D composite drainage network.

Q3: Is it possible to provide our logo in your goods?

A3: Yes, welcome. We can make packing and marks as your request.

The function of 3D composite drainage network is the same with 2D one. Their difference is the liquid transmittivity coefficient. For any further inquiry or more details about our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

1. Thickness of 3D drainage network core: 5mm---10mm
2. Width: 1meter-6meters; Maximum width is 6meters and can be ordered as request.
3. Length: 30, 40, 50 meters or as request.
4. Network Core Color: black; other color can be ordered as request.

Technical Data Sheet

No. Item Unit Spec./Standard value
      1200g/m2 1400g/m2 1600g/m2 1800g/m2 2000g/m2
1 Unit weight of compond production g/m2 ≥1200 ≥1400 ≥1600 ≥1800 ≥2000
2 Thickness of compond production mm ≥6.0 ≥7.0 ≥8.0 ≥9.0 ≥10.0
3 Longitudinal tensile strength of
compond productiong
KN/m ≥16.0
4 water diversion ration of compond production m2/s ≥1.2×10-4
5 peel strength of network core and geotextile KN/m ≥0.3
6 Thickness of network core mm ≥5.0 ≥5.0 ≥6.0 ≥7.0 ≥8.0
7 Tensile strength of network core KN/m ≥13.0 ≥15.0 ≥15.0 ≥15.0 ≥15.0
8 Unit weight of geotextile g/m2 ≥200
9 Seepage coefficient of geotextile cm/s ≥0.3
10 Width m 2.1
11 Length of one roll m 30

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