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HDPE Plastic Liner

Our company, Shanghai Yingfan, is one of the leading HDPE plastic liner (also called HDPE geomembrane when it's used in geo work related works) suppliers in China. We provide 0.15mm to 2.0mm thick HDPE liner products. Our ordinary thickness for HDPE liner can be 10mil (0.25mm), 20mil (0.5mm), 30mil(0.75mm), 40mil(1.0mm), 60mil(1.5mm), 80mil(2.0mm). 

Our company, Shanghai Yingfan, is one of the leading HDPE liner suppliers in China. We provide HDPE plastic liner products with thickness ranging from 0.15mm to 2.0mm. Our ordinary thickness for HDPE liner can be 10mil (0.25mm), 20mil (0.5mm), 30mil(0.75mm), 40mil(1.0mm), 60mil(1.5mm), 80mil(2.0mm). These HDPE liners can be used in landfill system, lake or lagoon, all kinds of pond system and so forth.

HDPE Plastic Liner Introduction

Our HDPE plastic liner is manufactured with imported good quality resin specifically formulated for flexible liners. Its production starts from resin being melted and extruded, then blown by roots blower and spread, being cooled and finally rolled. Thanks to the addition of black carbon, it has excellent anti-UV property.

HDPE Concrete Polylock

HDPE Black Plastic Liner

HDPE Concrete Polylock

High Density Polyethylene Liner

Features and Applications
Its most important features are its low permeability (≤1.0×10-13 g•cm(cm2)•pa), good chemical resistance, high physical strength and good elongation, supper UV and aging resistance and without toxic. So these properties contribute its wide applications in many industries including environmental municipal engineering, mining and chemical industry, construction industry, hydraulic industry, salt industry, aquaculture industry, etc. For example, landfill containment and capping, lake or lagoon waterproofing, shrimp or fish pond lining, and other many projects need our HDPE plastic liner products to be used as a quite important containment and isolation media system.


Installation Service Supply
We are a registered HDPE plastic liner installing supplier in China. Our installation team has nearly 100 people. They have installation qualification certificate and rich experience as an installing technician. Abroad installation service is available as long as you inquiry to us. Meanwhile, welding machines, testing machines and accessories for HDPE liner installing all can be supplied from our company.

hdpe plastic liner
hdpe plastic liner
hdpe plastic liner

Q1: Can you provide us free HDPE liner samples?
A1: Yes, a pleasure, for any available HDPE liner sample.
Q2: Is it safe in aquaculture pond lining system?
A2: Yes, exactly because there is no any toxic in our resin and other small trace amount of additives. If need, we can help provide MSDS report.
Q3: Do you have any warranty for your products?
A3: Certainly. One-year warranty for our quality failure products. The products usually have more than 70 years life span without exposure of sunshine.

Joining HDPE liners need welding machines, testing machines and/or some accessories including HDPE rods, T-lock for connection HDPE liners to concrete. For more professional advice, please contact us promptly. 

Our hdpe liner product has two types of surfaces, one is smooth and the other is having roughness. The roughness of HDPE liner provides good friction efficiency in the applications, especially those ones in the slopes. 


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