Plastic Woven Monofilament Filter Fabric

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Plastic Woven Monofilament Filter Fabric

Plastic Woven Monofilament Filter Fabric is also called geofiltration fabric or PP monofilament woven geotextile. It is one type of woven geotextile. Its important and outstanding feature is the percent open area. As this geotextile supplier, we always provide our customers top quality of products with respective services.

Plastic Woven Monofilament Filter Fabric Introduction

It is woven geotextile made by polypropylene(PP) monofilament. It is a permeable fabric material.  It offers a combination of high strength and excellent hydraulic characteristics. Woven Monofilaments are made from extruded monofilament (like fishing line) yarns woven into a screening. Often times they are calendared, meaning a finishing heat is applied as it comes off the loom.

These are mainly used as filter fabrics in marine applications with fine grain sands, such as seawalls or bulkheads and shoreline rip-rap applications; or under bedding stone in highway rip-rap applications.

These particular woven geotextiles have a high Percent Open Area (POA). Percent Open Area is the area of distinct, uniform and measurable openings in a filter fabric. The high POA of a monofilament woven geotextile assures that both water and problematic soil particles have direct paths through the fabric.

Nonwoven, woven slit-film and combination fabrics have little or no Percent Open Area compared to a woven, monofilament geotextile and therefore often trap soil particles and clog.

Its performance can meet or exceed our national standard CJ/T 437-2013.

Features and Benifits
High strength
Excellent hydraulics
High Percent Open Area
Resist clogging
Plastic Woven Monofilament Filter Fabric Application
Landfill leachate
Construction Fabrics
Filter Fabrics
Permanent Erosion Control
Shoreline Erosion Control
Underdrain (Drainage Geotextile)

  1. What is the goods delivery port?
       It is Shanghai port.
  1. Can you accept third party factory inspection?
      Yes, of course.
  1. Can you accept special order?
      Yes, we can. Please advise us firstly via our contact way.

The PP Plastic Woven Monofilament Filter Fabric should be stored in cool, ventilated and clean space away from heat and fire. And it cannot be stored up for a long time.

1 Unit weight: 200g/m2;
2 Width: 3meter-6meters;
3 Length: 100, 200, 300 meters or as request;
4 Color: Black; It is most ordinary and popular color, other color can be custom.

                                             TDS for Plastic Woven Monofilament Filter Fabric
No. Properties Value
1 Tensile strength   kN/m CD ≥45
MD ≥30
2 Elongation @ break   % CD ≤25
MD ≤15
3 Trapezoidal Tear    kN/m CD ≥0.6
MD ≥0.4
4 Puncture strength    kN   ≥0.4
5 Bursting strength    kN   ≥3.0
6 Apparent opening size O90    mm   0.10~0.80
7 Vertical permeability    cm/s   K x (10-1~10-2), K=1.0~9.9
8 Percent open area    %   4~12
9 Unit weight    g/m2   ≥200
10 UV resistance property Break strength retained % ≥70 or 85
Break strength elongation retained % ≥70 or 85
11 Chemical resistance property Break strength retained % ≥70 or 85
Break strength elongation retained % ≥70 or 85

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