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Clay Geosynthetic Barriers

We, Shanghai Yingfan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., is a clay geosynthetic barriers manufacturer in China. This product is also called geosynthetic clay liner” (GCL), “clay blankets”, “bentonite blankets”, “bentonite mats”, “prefabricated bentonite clay blankets” , "geocomposite clay liner" and “clay geosynthetic barriers”, the final one currently favored by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Clay Geosynthetic Barriers Introduction
It is bentonite geo-synthetic waterproofing barrier that often replaces thick layers of expensive compacted clay.

It is sandwich-made of a non-woven geotextile, a natural sodic bentonite layer and a polypropylene woven sheet.

Due to the hydro-expansive characteristic of bentonite (Bentonite composed predominantly (>70%) of montmorillonite or other expansive clays) and the needle punching method of manufacture which gives the resulting composite material shear strength, a critical feature for installation on slopes, our clay geosynthetic barriers can be used in many erosion control requested civil engineering.

Its performance can meet or exceed GRI-GCL3 and our national standard JG/T193-2006.

Differences between clay geosynthetic barriers (GCL) and compacted clay liners (CCL)
Differences between clay geosynthetic barriers and compacted clay liners (CCL)
Characteristic Clay Geosynthetic Barriers Compacted Clay Liners (CCL)
Material Bentonite clay, adhesives, geotextiles Native soils or blends of soil and bentonite clay
Construction Factory manufactured and then installed in the field Construction and/or amended in the field
Thickness ~ 6 mm 300 to 900 mm
Hydraulic conductivity of clay 10−10 to 10−12 m/s 10−9 to 10−10 m/s
Speed and ease of construction Rapid, simple installation Slow, delicate and complicated compaction works
Installed cost $0.05 to $0.10 per m2 Highly variable (estimated range $0.07 to $0.30 per m2)
Experience Construction quality assurance and quality control are critical Highly workforce dependent

Canals, storm water impoundments and wetlands
Secondary containment
Highway and civil
Landfill liners
Landfill caps

The below is a tailing waste dam application example for our clay geosynthetic barrier products:

clay geosynthetic barriers

1   Whether you company is a manufacturer or trader?
We are a well-known manufacturer in China.
2   What is your MOQ?
For available stock of clay geosynthetic barrier, one roll is our MOQ. But for short stock of our ordinary products, our MOQ is 1000m2 for ordinary specification. 
3   Can you help us to install this product?
Yes, we can provide installation supervising service for this product. It is very easy to install the product but it is labor intensive work so usually it needs at least 10 working labors to finish the installation task.

Granular bentonite is a vital part of this geocomposite clay liner. Whether it is good quality will directly and greatly influence the usage effect of gcl. So our Yingfan company always carefully select the reliable supplier and control each batch of this goods. We warmly welcome you to contact us for more details for this product.

Test Item Test Methods Criteria
Bentonite swell index ASTM D 5890 ≥24ml/2g
Bentonite Fluid loss ASTM D 5891 ≤18ml
Bentonite Mass /unit area ASTM D 5993 ≥3.7kg/
Geotextiles-cap fabric nonwoven, mass/unit area ASTM D5261 ≥220g/m2
Geotextiles-carrier fabric woven, mass/unit area, mass/unit area ASTM D5261 ≥110g/m2
GCL tensile strength ASTM D 6768 ≥4.0KN/m
Mass of GCL ASTM D5993 ≥4000g/m2
Peel strength ASTM D 6496 ≥360N/m
Index flux ASTM D 5887 ≤1×10-8m3/ sec-
Permeability ASTM D 5887 ≤5×10-11cm/sec
 Geotextile and reinforcing yarns
(% strength retained)
ASTM D 5721
ASTM D6768

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