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LLDPE Geomembrane Textured

LLDPE Geomembrane Textured product is one of important products providing in our company. We don’t only provide material but also geomembrane seaming service and seaming equipment.

LLDPE geomembrane textured product is one of important products providing in our company. We don’t only provide material but also geomembrane seaming service and seaming equipment.


LLDPE Geomembrane Textured Introduction

A LLDPE geomembrane textured is one type of LLDPE geomembrane with textured surface. If you require increased frictional performance, flexibility and elongation, our LLDPE textured geomembranes are the best product choice. Our superior textured surface allows for increased friction between the two layers and the design of steeper slopes in many environmental and civil engineering.


Feature and Advantage

1. Impermeable.

2. Excellent flexibility to withstand direct folding and compound bending without damaging its integrity and performance.

3. High Friction Coefficient.

4. Chemical resistance.

5. Long durability(more than 70 years span life under earth).

6. Cost effective. 

Specific and Packing:
1. Dimension: thickness within 1.0mm--2.0mm can be customer designed as well as the width and length. 

2. Color: the ordinary color is black. Other colorless also can be customer designed with MOQ requirement. 

3. Packing: by woven plastic bag 

4. Installation: our company can provide installation service. The installation method is mainly to use heat melt welding machines and relevant equipment.

LLDPE Geomembrane Packing

LLDPE Geomembrane Packing

  Textured LLDPE Geomembrane Packing

Textured LLDPE Geomembrane Packing


geomembrane sides texturedGeomembrane Sides Textured   geomembrane textured

Geomembrane Textured

  sides textured liner

Sides Textured Liner


LLDPE Geomembrane Textured Application

Apply to road construction, river levee, lake dam, sewage dam/ waste water dam, channel, liquid storage pool, metro, basement, tunnel, foundation, waste storage, marifarm/seawater farms, freshwater fish farm, roofing, and so on.

double textured LLdpe geomembrane installation

Double Textured LLDPE Geomembrane Installation

   LLDPE geomembrane side textured installation

LLDPE Geomembrane Side Textured Installation

  sides textured LLdpe geomebrane application

Sides Textured LLDPE Geomebrane Application


Our Advantages

1. We are ISO verified Chinese suppliers

2. CE certificate offered for some products

3. Professional Geosynthetics suppliers

4. Standard service to your orders

5. Small order / OEM order acceptable

6. Full-time tracking our customers’ orders



Q1: Are you factory or trading company?

A1: We are a factory that specialize in geosynthetic manufacturing and installation service for near 16 years.

Q2: Where is your factory located? How can i visit there?

A2: Factory is located in Shanghai city China. 

Q3: Can i order samples? Are you free for all the samples?

A3: Yes, sure, the available sample is totally free for our respected clients.

Q4: What is your terms of delivery?


Q5: What is your delivery time?

A5: It will take about 10-15days after received your advanced.


Spray-On LLDPE Geomembrane Textured


1. Produced when a molten polymer mixed with hot air is sprayed onto the geomembrane at a given speed and concentration. 

2. Shares many of the same characteristics with coextruded: asperity and texture can be varied and controlled. 

3. Asperity height is slightly more limited than it is with coextruded texture. 

Benefits and Advantages 

Physical properties of a spray-on textured geomembrane usually equal that of smooth sheet: higher break elongation performance, fewer stress risers. 



LLDPE Geomembrane Textured Specification

Our LLDPE Geomembrane Textured product specifications meet or exceed GRI-GM17 standard as showed below.



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