HDPE Extrusion Welding Rod

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HDPE Extrusion Welding Rod

HDPE extrusion welding rods are made by extrusion of our premium HDPE resin. They are important accessory of HDPE geomembrane installation.

HDPE geomembrane installation directly depends the whole project quality. It needs good quality of HDPE geomembrane material, accessory, installation machines, testing machines and professional technicians. HDPE welding rods are necessary and important accessory of geomembrane installation.

hdpe extrusion welding rod

HDPE Welding Rod

hdpe extrusion welding rod


hdpe extrusion welding rod



HDPE Welding Rod Introduction

HDPE extrusion welding rod is made by extrusion of our premium HDPE resin. They are important accessory of HDPE geomembrane installation.


Features and benefits

• Alkali and acid resistant
• Resistance of aging
• Toxic free



HDPE welding rod is mainly used in HDPE geomembrane welding and repairing to form sealing seam. Its application can be involved in landfill, mine, roads, construction, dams, tunnels, canals, aquaculture, etc.

hdpe extrusion welding rod
hdpe extrusion welding rod
hdpe extrusion welding rod


Q1: What is your delivery time of HDPE welding rod? 
A1: 5-7 working days. 
Q2: What is your product packing?
A2: Hard paper bag packing.
Q3: How to calculate the usage quantity of HDPE rod when installing the geomembrane?
A3: Usually it needs about 35kgs of HDPE rod for 10,000 square meters of HDPE geomembrane. But the quantity is varied with different terrain map, earth environment, engineering design, etc.


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Material: high density polyethylene resin.
Size: ¢3mm/4mm, 50m/100m per roll or as request.

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